The Student Ministry of Elders Baptist Church strives to help students to KNOW God;

to FOLLOW Him in their faith;

and to SHINE for Him in their world.

To accomplish this goal,  The Youth Ministry focuses on six key areas that we believe will effectively disciple students.  These areas are Lordship; Discpleship; Character; Discernment; Relationships; and Influence.  

We want the students to remember these six statements:

1.  "I will choose to follow Jesus as Lord." (Lordship)

2. "I will grow in my walk with Christ."  (Discipline)

3. "I will live with integrity."  (Character)

4. "I will make wise choices."  (Discernment)

5. "I will love all others God's Way."  (Relationships)

6. "I will impact my world for Christ."  (Influence)

The tools and resources we use to teach and model these six areas include: Bible studies; community ministry; mission trips; fun fellowship events, and mentoring.


  September 2021  
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